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Rash Guards

This isn't your average rash guard !!
These long sleeved premium rash guards feature a 4-way stretch, giving you ultimate comfort and flexibility, while the snug fit provides muscle support. Plus with the UPF 50+ protection (equal to SPF 150+), you won't have to worry about constantly re-applying sun screen or getting burned.
Snug fit
Quick drying
Extremely Durable 
SPF 150+ Sun Protection
80% Polyester   20% Lycra
Insulating from the cold or heat
Available in white with a large Molly's logo or a small Molly's & sleeve logo
Great for water sports, beach, construction or any outside exposure to the sun
They are snug-fitting, so for a looser fit, we suggest going up one or two sizes
Sublimation printing so the artwork is vibrant & will last the life of the rash guards
    On Sale from $36.95 Regular price $49.95 Sale
    On Sale from $36.95 Regular price $49.95 Sale